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David Roberts (1796-1864) worked primarily painting scenes for the circus and theater before moving to London in 1830 to focus on becoming an artist. His paintings based on his travels to Africa were received favorably in London and prompted him to focus further on depictions of exotic locales. Beginning in 1838, he commenced a grand tour of Egypt and the Holy land where he sketched the monuments and people he encountered throughout his journey. When he returned to Britain he, together with lithographer Louis Haghe, produced a six-volume set of 248 lithographs based on the drawings from this tour. The series, available through monthly subscription, was wildly successful and is considered by many to be one of the best examples of lithography of the era. After completion of the series, Roberts was admitted to the Royal Academy and exhibited there through the remainder of his life. He died in 1864 while working on a series of paintings of the Thames river.

Karnac (Oblique view across the Hall of Columns) by David Roberts

Price: US $2200
Inv. # pt10722

Karnac (Dromos; the First Court of the Temple) by David Roberts

Price: US $1600
Inv. # pt10721

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