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Rowena Fry was born in Athens, Illinois in 1895 and later moved to Chicago in the 1920’s to pursue her career as an artists and screen printer. Fry studied at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the Watkins Institute in Nashville, and the Ropp School of Art. She developed a unique style of painting that Fry described as “American Naive”, painting various subjects, mostly the people and places surrounding her home on the Near North Side of Chicago. Her style contrasted greatly with the frustrated paintings of social realist painters; Fry aimed to paint uplifting and feel-good pictures. During World War II, Fry taught at the Great Lakes Naval Station and painted many of her students there. Over her career as an artists Fry exhibited at the Chicago Society of Artists and the Art Institute of Chicago. Source: Elizabeth Kennedy, "Chicago Modern"

Motel at Maggie, N.C. by Rowena Fry

Price: US $300
Inv. # pt10294

Untitled by Rowena Fry

Price: US $600
Inv. # pt10282

Dunes by Rowena Fry

Price: US $600
Inv. # pt10281

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